Lowell went pale.

Don't you want Moses to know you were right?

It doesn't have to be like this.

On the way to London Mr Higgins told Annard and Susie many interesting things.

The king was a manipulator.

Rodney has been behaving oddly.

Everybody got up to leave.

She was locked up in a room.

Allan works on Tuesday and Friday nights at the Konbini.

Perhaps it will rain in the afternoon.


Everything needs to change, so that everything can stay the same.


Ross asked Alice if she could borrow a dress to wear to the dance.


Gerard found Rich's diary, but only the last three pages remained.

Margie has a lawyer.

Mother's illness kept her at home yesterday.


How do you do, Mrs. Allen? I'm pleased to meet you.

They are sitting one after the other.

Simon is always meticulously dressed.


Mick loves playing with dolls.

This lid belongs with that jar.

How many days are you going to be visiting your hometown?

I think you like Kevan.

I was biting my nails, worrying about you.

Lie back down.

When was the last time you fried an egg?


They were stuck for hours in a traffic jam.

Don't watch soccer anymore.

We aren't being much help to Laurence.

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I noticed Will sitting in the corner.


Kamel lost his umbrella.

I want to know if he'll come here.

I'm just stating the facts.

Niall invested in the stock because the financial advisor fooled her.

You can tell Geoff yourself.

I was trying to impress her.

June is a school bus driver.

You like to swim.

I have put off my coat.

This isn't an easy thing for Winston to do.

Thank you for your opinion.


Take this medicine and you'll feel better soon.

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Ted Cruz dropped out of the presidential race.

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We don't have more time.

She'll be up and around this afternoon.

She cannot control her children.

I'm calling to book a reservation at your restaurant.

The car stalled because you didn't step on the clutch.

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Let me say this just once.

Vladislav didn't bother to listen to Rajarshi's advice.

We are usually at home in the evening.


I'm sorry, but I can't talk to you now.

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The European Union is considering banning plastic bags.


Tell Tanaka I'm coming to see him.


Can you read phonetic symbols?

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With a little more patience, she would have succeeded.

What do you know about cockroaches?

Sabrina bought some land near Boston.

I hope I'm not inconveniencing you.

The change was nine pesos.

I gave money to the old man in the road.

Who is that young woman?

Mosur isn't here just now.

Have I the pleasure of addressing Mr. Scrooge, or Mr. Marley?

I like your yard.

She takes pride in her looks.

Raphael has a very bad reputation around town.

I have bad eyesight.


Jean-Christophe jumped up and down.


The lecture was very long, but I enjoyed it none the less.

Where was it made?

Man has the gift of speech.

It's illegal!

Afterwards I want to go to the hotel.

The mountains were treacherous and steep.

That's what will happen.

I spent Monday with her.

Go over to Sidney's.

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Tomas never jokes about his job.

He is tall, but his brother is much taller.

I think he's a bad person.

I sure wish I could do that.

"Would I lie to you?" "Yes, I think you would lie to me."

He won't bite.

This is very frustrating.


I wonder if she'll accept a belated birthday present.

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Pratt promised not to tell Sangho.

Knudsen said that school did little to prepare him for life.

All things are obedient to money.

Is Donal with you?

Love is a temporary insanity curable by marriage.


I have a stiff shoulder.

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I'd like a house like this.

I guess that's final.

Wolf is dishonest, isn't he?


Flowers are always a good idea.

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No one can deny the fact that fire burns.


I don't think we've actually met.

Why didn't you look at the picture?

Those who know him like him.


I'm here for a night.

The competitor twice jumped the gun.

I'll heat up the soup for you.

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I can't understand why Nikolai won't let us go.

It's pristine.

She became rich.

"We never had this conversation." "What conversation?"

She called him.


One can't survive without money.


Is there any way to an unperturbed mind?

We're going to have more rain.

Lewis says you talked him into it.

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Pete was a great help to me.

Please lend me your knife.

That might be Brandon's ex-husband.


It's too late to shut the barn door after the horse has run off.

Do you have anything to say in particular?

I got here first.

I take it Graeme is your boyfriend.

We need to leave here at once.


I'm not making you do anything.


The firm went under due to lack of capital.

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The latter half of the week was fine.

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Sri didn't have anything to do with the scandal.

The problem was where to set up the tent.

Why is the police here?

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It doesn't matter whether she admits her guilt or not.

This book consists of five chapters.

He lies to me all the time.


I'll need to check my schedule.

He was a short, elderly man with thick glasses.

Everything went quiet.


He will not be ready.

He became wiser as he grew older.

The NYPD is the New York City Police Department.

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Education is the path to happiness, peace, righteousness, and success.

Rodney thought Pierette's offer was unreasonable.

I met my teacher on the street the other day.

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This cyclist is injured.

We blamed parents for lack of love.

Her classmates folded three hundred and fifty-six cranes so that one thousand were buried with her.

It feels so good when you run your fingernails over my back.

He looked over my report.

His business returned a good profit.

I saw Glynn.


Is she so stupid that she believes that kind a thing?

Have you ever seen him dance?

If I were a bird, I would fly to you.

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David filled me in on the details.

Where does she buy books?

So you talked to Ric?

I've used up my Q-tips.

At the age of ten Caroline was stricken with typhus. The disease permanently stunted her growth.


Because she was overseas, she often phoned via Skype.


Barbra almost smiled.