I didn't know you didn't like Chinese food.


We can't be happy here any longer.


America is not the most democratic nation.

The tuna catch is declining.

I'm always recognise my mistake.


He spared me some salt.

It would be good if Sally did a little more exercise.

I just don't agree with them.

Kees broke both his legs.

I don't want to go there alone.


The parents in this community have banded together to support their schools, with the end result being notably higher student test scores and graduation rates.

Recently he bothers me.

Isabelle became a professional golfer after he graduated from college.

I had never met anyone quite like Jesper before.

The map is on the wall.

They're professional singers.

Louis works for a Japanese company.

That was being sold at a dollar store.

We don't need you right now.

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"Stop laughing!" said Geppetto angrily; but he might as well have spoken to the wall.

Martha served as chairman for three years.

She does not do things like that.

I am currently learning Esperanto.

Why are you in Boston?

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Trust me, I can make it happen.

Fire devoured the forest.

We try to explain things across cultures; in spite of boundaries.

Donne would've turned thirty next month if he hadn't died in the accident.

Can I have the list?

Whenever I have quarter of an hour to spare I like to dip into Saki's 'Collected Short Stories'

That's an even more waste of time.


Can you tell me the way to the station?


How are we doing for time?


There is a proverb that goes "time is money", but there is another one that goes "money can't buy you time".

Don't enter the room without permission.

Yes. No. Maybe. I don't know.

They say you are what you eat.

Shaw looked perfectly fine.

She's an excellent general surgeon.

The onions have already sprouted.

She just ate sushi and drank beer.

Did you already kiss someone today?


Would you like to live in Mumbai?

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She is as busy as a bee.

Susan forgot to tell me what time the concert begins.

Vance was afraid Saul wouldn't believe him.

What he says is nonsense.

May I return the car instead?

You will soon accommodate yourself new ways of living.

You should have Mr Brown correct your speech before the presentation.

The police found no clue.

The international community is issuing warnings regarding the nuclear threat in Japan.

He abuses his authority.

My baby wants to talk.

But above all, I will never forget who this victory truly belongs to. It belongs to you. It belongs to you.

We have 30 minutes.

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He said that I shouldn't even be coming in today.

The basket was filled to the brim with strawberries.

Fold the sheet in half.

Mr Johnson, president of the club, will soon come.

Naresh wanted to talk to Jacobson, but she walked away.

Tran thinks it's his fault that Travis died.

Freeze right there!

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Full of pure kerosene, that small lamp could be lit for several days.

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Mr Tanaka appears very rich.


I'm just upset about being in the hospital and I'm on some weird meds, but they must be working, because I'm feeling a lot better now.


I knew what they did to him.

Shall we go out?

The population of Japan is about 120 million.


I assure you that we care.

I'm not sure I want to be doing this.

Srinivas doesn't get along with his neighbors.

A year has twelve months.

I hid in the woods all day.

Gunnar was very puzzled.

Ariel explained it in detail, but I still don't get it.

How much do you charge?

I don't think they actually get much of a discount.

Has anyone tried this before?

I wonder where he has gone.

It's all up to me to save the day.

He knows my wife.

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In the lights of some, freedom necessarily includes the freedom to starve.


You are as guilty as I am, because you knew this was going to happen.

The roof of our house is leaking.

When she got lost, she wished she had followed his advice.


Where's the pine forest?

Call Tanaka and ask him to come back.

He chastised them for being noisy.


I don't think it'll work.


This is enlightening.

You're a knockout.

Apathy is death.

The bride realised on the morning of her wedding that her wedding dress didn't fit anymore.

Rich's boyfriend threatened to leave her.


I need to get something out of the car.

I asked her out, but she said no.

My friend died from an injury.


I know what you said.

I'm hoping for a really big discount.

When you die do you become closer to God because you no longer exist?

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Please tell Kristin I can't come to his party.


Are these all your belongings?

Clyde could get arrested.

He should be promoted in the light of what he has done for this company.

My toy is broken.

Edith went over to Olivier's with a bottle of wine.

We have to warn Tyler.

The batter has two balls and two strikes on him.

I thought we'd try that new restaurant down the street.

It's second-hand.

It's official.

Shall I cook dinner for you?

It's Trying's flashlight.

I live in a block of flats.

Marcia Clancy passed away at 66.

Do you know what Joe needs?

Moses doesn't look very happy today.

Were they with you?

I will get in touch with you again about this matter.

As our taxi broke down on the way, we had to walk to the station.

I know Ilya was your best friend.

I spoke after him.


"Your Majesty!" "Oh, the gayness!" "YOUR MAJESTY!" "What?" "Mind your mouth!"

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We have an incredible North Atlantic salmon.

Give me a day.

Do you see anything you recognize?


I'm just getting used to it.


Why won't you talk to me?

Shahid didn't want to rely on anyone else.

I go to school with Kim.

Say Frederick, what's wrong?

HEY! Everybody step in line! Follow me!


He lived in a rather meagre house.

I want to go camping.

She lives next door to us.

You might also like this book.

Do we have to watch this?

Here's a piece of paper.

This is kind of embarrassing, actually.

I realize I'm new here, but I have a suggestion.

She asked me to wake her up at six.

Where do you want these suitcases?

You try too hard.


The child drew a spherical triangle.

I was only gone an hour.

That wasn't too bad.

I told Collin things I shouldn't have.

I'll visit you sometime in the near future.

I sort of understand.

Christie must've been here earlier.

What do you love? What do you hate?

However much I searched, I could not find the book.

My friend doesn't believe in ghosts.

I know you like chocolate.

The old man lives by himself.

I gave Alex my word that I wouldn't talk to Son about that.

Both of us are very fond of curry and steak.

Is there any advantage to acting like that?


Have you considered my offer?

What are you studying about?

I'm embarrassed for us both.

At about what age do the Japanese marry?

He broke into the bus queue.

I hate him with every fiber of my being.

She cherished the memory of her dead husband.