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Share the wonders of our United States with your family

Your child
will learn about

  • Plants
  • Birds
  • Animals
  • First People
  • Geography
  • History

The books are written to be Read Aloud.

You bring the characters to life when you Perform them.

The Plants and Animals speak to your child.

The I Am America series is a collectible set of 50 unique books... one for each state in the Country. The books are designed to be read aloud creating a wonderful bonding experience for you and your young one.

Each book is packed with learning opportunities. The pages will allow you to ask your child
about colors, shapes and the names of the things they see.
The books focus primarily on the geology and geography of each state.
They also include information about the states animals, birds, fish and trees as well as it's first human
inhabitants - the American Indians. Historical events are occasionally covered.
Modern human beings and modern man-made structures are not featured unless they are an iconic part of the
state, such as California's Golden Gate Bridge.

The "I Am America" books will remain current and be treasured by your family for generations.

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