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They start for Europe on business.

Nor am I.

This is a pocket dictionary.


I haven't shaved yet.

Kate still doesn't understand.

This river sometimes overflows after the thaw.

Maybe you should talk to him.

Shean is busy preparing for his trip.

Virtues! Who knows what virtues are? Not you. Not I. Not anyone.

These lilies smell lovely.

I never cut my nails at night.

As a teacher, I hate having to get my students' attention.

"What do you intend to do?" "I think that we should leave."

Are you really sure that this is what you want to do?

I must buy new skis.

My hobby is collecting stamps.

He intended to persist in his silence.

Treat others the way you'd like to be treated.

Magnus wasn't foolish enough to tell Gunnar what had really happened.

Fritz and Wolf spoke to each other for a long time.

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We must talk.

It's a shortcut.

We let him keep the dog.

Renu wanted Susumu to be more careful.

Is Lonhyn coming back tonight?

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The bread went hard.

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This is a letter in Ryo's handwriting.

I'll see Betty later this afternoon.

Mwa found a crumpled piece of paper on the floor.


Lonesome George passed away.

I don't want Jorge's help.

You do know how to do that, don't you?

Aren't you going to be in London this summer?

John is in the swimming club.


Graeme raised his gun and pointed it at Miltos.

The streets are lined with old shops.

I'm busting out of here.

I want you to be by my side.

I'll be gone before the rooster crows.

She cried that she was coming.

What kind of camera does Liza own?


Are you friends with Straka?

What did you find in there?

We'll carry it to the barn.

That's almost impossible to believe.

There goes my good pair of jeans!

Joan of Arc was burned to death in 1451.

Can one person really make a difference in the world?

Does Matthieu want to come in?

I can't use my left hand because of the plaster cast.

He coaxed extra money from his mother.

They send against me such people, whom you would not justly believe.

My sister has been knitting since this morning.

She was seduced by Elisabeth.

Rolf felt like he'd been hit by a truck.

Be careful, it's a dangerous junction!

What else should I do?

I have several friends in Boston.

They have studied here for six months.

Now all we need is a plan.

I think Patricia wanted my help.

I think I'll stay in today.

You must not forget to check your paper before you hand it in.

You don't want to get married either, right?


This novel bores me.


I'd like to be alone now.

Her unusual behavior gave rise to our suspicions.

No sooner had he met his family than he burst into tears.

"Please move aside." "Ya wanna make something of it, sonny?"

I booked the field.


Do you think that bothered her?

Hotta is a member, I think.

We all have passed the test.

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I don't want to get my clothes dirty.

It's a bit too late for praying.

They appointed her to do the task.

I'm afraid we can't stay here.

He found that all his efforts amounted to nothing.

Gunpowder needs to be handled very carefully.

My brother was hurt in the accident.

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She said to me "Let's go shopping."

I thought she was pretty.

I've got to get the house in order, so I'm busy now.


I'll call a repairman I know who'll be at your house to fix the washing machine promptly.


Wait just a second.

Don't make me regret this.

I'm very happy to see you.

I've got some problems.

Generally, women live 10 years longer than men.


My whole body is sore.

We'll start with page 30.

I always keep a dictionary close at hand.

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I decided to ask my friend for help.

I'm happy to have been able to meet you.

Ravindranath went sightseeing.


Some of the best scrolls contain unicorns and space.


You need formal clothes to go.

When I give an order I would like it to be executed!

I lay in bed thinking about everything that had happened that day.


She found a need and she filled it.


Debbie is handsome, isn't he?

What's the matter with her?

The Armenian genocide was a tragic event.

We didn't kill her.

Lithuania is joining the European Union.

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Winston is tempted.

Those men are armed to the teeth.

The engines are very cheap.


There's nothing wrong with the plan.

You are quite right.

He is a so called liberal.

This politician is suspected of having connections to organized crime.

I'm glad we were able to help.

What's Swamy so worried about?

I have a thesis to write.

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What kind of a camera do you have?

The lawyer needed to take the interests of both parties into consideration.

No, until now she has never fallen in love.

Stop yelling, I beg you.

She didn't say a word.

It's non-refundable.

Clarissa's life has been a struggle.

Rik is going to be tired when he gets home.

She might possibly know the answer.

People can choose to start loving, but can't choose to stop.

I just did what I thought you'd want me to do.

She covered twenty miles a day.

He is arrogant toward us.

The maid arranged the knives and forks on the table.

Pierette will get one.

The girl walked slowly.

The two men shook hands with each other the minute they were introduced.


Metin poured three glasses of wine, two for his guests and one for himself.

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As peace is of all goodness, so war is an emblem, a hieroglyphic, of all misery.

I think you'd better go and visit him.

I thought Cecilia loved me.

His mother died when he was eleven years old.

Gill's knee hurts when he walks up or down stairs.


You had better not eat too much.


People regretted his sudden death deeply.

I'd just like to talk.

I have to warn her.

My mom told me not to get into trouble.

The most painful thing for a mother is having to bury her own child.


I need to hire a lawyer.

Anatoly needs to use a cane.

The sheets are dirty.

I think that's impossible in Rod's case.

"Gene, do you still love me?" "Of course, I do."

I hope your wishes will come true.

You can't drive now. You've been drinking.

I've been offered another job.

Elaine looked at his notepad.

That's quite over the top.

Piet hates country music.

I do not know the exact place that I was born.

I'd be happy to sing for you.

She is two years younger than me.

Jarl will deny everything.


I will have to get rid of this worn-out carpet.

No, no, no, not my Father!

An historical event on Tatoeba: on July 12, 2012, Esperanto outstripped Japanese concerning the amount of phrases and took the second place on the language poll.


Christofer was thoroughly depressed.

We can't just fire him.

Magdalena is interested in geography.


Morton was a very tough opponent.

What do you generally watch in the evenings?

Pia wants to be your friend.