I like art and music among my school subjects.

We hope to win the championship.

He means it.

There's no doubt that the Maiden's Tower is a symbol of Istanbul, Turkey.

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She was in time for the bus.

I used to watch this anime a lot when I was a kid, but I can't quite remember what happened to the hero in the final episode.

Some people find it easier to grasp the short-term effects of smoking.

Look boys; this bag is full of pears.

Gasoline became so expensive that we had to let our car go.

I used to dream about being a ballerina.

Petr tried to stop me.


Police officers installed surveillance cameras outside Root's office.

This restaurant is famous for its excellent cuisine.

I can't understand what he is thinking about.


I think Boston is nicer than Chicago.

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Marshall spoke highly of Pamela.

You have to be there by 2:30.

Our advice is that the company invest in new equipment.

Can I put this up for you?

She might have fooled you, but she won't fool me.

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Take a look at it if you don't believe me!


What...for real?

His manners are not those of a gentleman.

Wait just a little bit, will be done immediately!

Blayne knows all too well what the problem is.

What are you going to do with your share of the treasure?


Stephan did what he was asked to do without hesitation.

Rainer is likely to be late for school.

I swear I never hurt him.

That's not a good enough reason.

He comes home at five thirty.

I have looked everywhere, but I can not find my wallet.

"If P, then Q" is logically equivalent to "If not Q, then not P".

Allan has done nothing but complain ever since he got here.

I'm still thinking about him.

That old man is, so to speak, a walking dictionary.

All right, do it your own way, but don't blame me if you fail.

George felt the train begin to move.

Can I speak to you in private?


It was foolish for him to turn down her offer.

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You've already had cake.

Bernie has been like a dad to me.

Stop singing.

Jeffrey seems to be unwilling to accept our offer.

You never should've let Michiel go to Boston with Glen.

Cris claimed he wasn't guilty.

The atomic number for hydrogen is 1.

That's probably Timothy's girlfriend.

Don't mix sugar with salt.

If it's a simple tune, I can sight-sing it.

I can't picture you traumatized.

The committee are all against it.

Taking moderate exercise is good for the health.


I think Cathryn should stay.


I should've been there for him.

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The teacher taught them that the earth is round.

May I talk to you about something serious?

We aren't leaving for a while.

Six hundred thousand men were killed or wounded.

I worked hard in order to support my family.

Make it snappy, Lloyd.

My ears are bleeding!


I sure could use a cold beer.

The water isn't boiling yet.

"Are you serious about getting married?" "I don't know, Slartibartfast, are you serious?"

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The car had the requisite tail fins that you would expect from that era.


I can take care of myself. I'm not stupid.

His being absent complicates matters.

We're getting a divorce.

I want to speak to my lawyer now.

Each of the boys was eager to join in the race.

I could talk to them.

When it comes to sewing, she is all thumbs.

He returned from Holland in June.

I need more time.

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Are both of your sisters as beautiful as you?

I'll get the food.

He is under considerable stress.

There are too many ads on YouTube.

Getting drunk won't make things better.

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Tap water is dangerous.


Bill won the match, not so much by good luck as by real ability.

We're home free.

They're on the same team.

The next morning he found a handwritten letter in the letterbox.

Is there peace in politics?

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She called out to him, with tears running down her cheeks.

You must answer these questions.

Other requirements come from your relationships with other people and your daily activities.

Bring the bill, please.

You really are a piece of work.

It's like nothing ever happened.

We were all surprised that Ti didn't win the race.

Could you give a me hand packing on Saturday?

Ram writes poetry.


On Earth, new oxygen is produced from plants through the process of photosynthesis.


You must be joking.

They're hiding in the closet.

If you don't resolve to become a good man, then you just won't get a good woman.


From space, the world looks very small.

She was a strong, fast runner then.

I noticed that Metin has started growing a beard.

Her older brother is two years older than I.

Welcome to our first Italian class.


Did Lawrence tell you he was having money problems?

I guess we're getting old.

I told the police that Monty was with me at that time.

Pam deserved more than that.

I feel like speaking Italian!

The grill is hot.

Well, well, well, what have we here?


This is so good.


Woody said he would do that for us.

I'm going to be a lawyer.

That's exactly what I want to hear.


Costs of financial services are rising in every country.

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Who said you could sleep?

Tell Michiel I'll be ready.

What would you say to Craig?


I can't tell it.


He wants me to help him.

What can I do to help them?

That's never been a problem for us before.


What's making this sound?


It's likely that Rodger will be the one who comes.

Herman doesn't want us there.

Everyone on the bus was asleep except the driver.

I'll say this: I am innocent.

I saw them waiting in the lobby.

We won't need your help today.

When told an American ambassador had been seen sneaking into someone else's room, President Kennedy remarked, "I guess I need to hire faster ambassadors."


There's obviously been a mistake.

It will take him two hours to finish the work.

Adam cut Ricardo's hair.


He leaned forward.

Lord asked Michael if she was hungry.

Can I use my medical insurance?

He can speak French and German, not to mention English.

I feel the same way you do.

You shouldn't do partial-word searches, since they put a lot of strain on the server.

She had no tissues to wipe away her tears.

What're you guys doing here?

He intended to persist in his silence.

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I am always at home on Sundays.


Toshio can speak English very well.

We cannot live without air and water.

Did I say that?

Why is it still happening?

Grab this.

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Do you have any vacant rooms?

He is numbered among the greatest scientists in the world.

Seth forgot to buy milk.


He must have taken the wrong train.

Drastic measures must be taken to prevent the further spread of the virus.

I'll call you when I need you.


Why don't we take a break and go get something to eat?

Nick poured himself a drink into a glass from a flask that he took out of his coat pocket.

Could you tell me what your specific requirements are?

I broke the clutch.

He has rough manners.

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Kevan owns a hunting rifle.