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Where did you and Bert go?

Do you know where?

She is just such a teacher as we all admire.

I do not need a loan anymore.

Rabbits have many offspring.


He is as idle as ever.

The courtier was enjoying great royal favor.

Lipids are organic compounds.


You said that to me last week.

She was clothed in a red blouse and a black skirt.

Not even my friends know my real name.

It's been years since I played tennis.

Everyone's got a reason to celebrate the beginning of the new year. They all survived the old one.


Varda couldn't control his son.

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The ice is melting.


Should we have invited Louie for lunch?


The frame of the building is now complete.

I think Bernard is poor.

What he writes apart from his sentences is understandable, though full of errors and stylistic flaws. But when he tackles writing his example sentences, it's just incomprehensible bullshit.

I gave her a ride.

I can do something for him, but you can't.


Are we human because we stare at the stars or do we stare at the stars because we are human?

I hurt my elbow.

Liisa was completely overwhelmed, but there was no one there who could've helped her.

Tuna looks frustrated.

Do you want me to tell them?

This book is written in very simple English and so is best for new learners.

The answer misses the point.

I've never been violent toward anyone.

Eventually the experiment succeeded.

I was waiting for you to get here.

The balance of payments crisis emerged, forcing the government to put a brake on the economy.

A person with weak eyes can't see far.

Every river has a source.

I think you're a lot stronger than you know.

Let's go get a beer.

According to Leucippus and Democritus, the atom would be indivisible. Today we know that is not true.

Hey, turn around.


I just want to help you.

He is a man of weak character.

"What do you want?" "I want a dog."

I was happy with that.

Let's take this path down.

We leaned on our elbows.

In Soviet Russia, radio listens to the listener!

He apologized to us for having broken his promise.

I think I'm drunk.


Seenu is devious.


I've got something more important on my mind at the moment.

I'm feeling fine.

Look at that bird.

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Are you planning on using that?


Both sides accepted the proposal.

We have only a slender chance of success.

The people elected Dwayne president.


Carl's face paled.

I bought a tie for Dan and I'll buy a scarf for Elena.

What's this all about?

Syd was wearing John's pajamas.

Do you really think Jacob would help us?


Sadako wanted to add more, but her mouth just didn't want to open enough to make the words anymore.

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I've decided to stop studying French.

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He makes a point of doing ten push-ups before going to bed.

What do you mean by cultural relativism?

He shaves with an electric razor every morning.

I wouldn't know what to do.

You're a filthy liar.

Please don't lie to me, Lonhyn.

Where on earth did Michael go?

We are adding new proverbs to the dictionary.

The Prime Minister holds a press conference tomorrow.


That planet imploded.

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He's the only person she can trust.

He is at home in American literature.

Kriton left the room.

Will you listen to me for a minute?

Please send my regards to your wife.


It looks like a fish bone got stuck in my throat.

Your friend can come any moment.

That might have been true a long time ago, but it's not true anymore.

I didn't send an email to King today.

No kidding.

They live from hand to mouth.

There is a movement afoot and nobody is noticing it.


After five brutal rounds, the judges could not split the two fighters, and the bout was declared a draw.

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This is an easy exercise.

No one loves me.

In the desert we were independent of camels.

We aren't dead yet.

Where are your friends going?

Do you miss not being on holiday?

You won't be sorry.

I'm cooperative.

It's eight o'clock in the morning.


My shoes are too tight.

Are there any Japanese restaurants near here?

I can't imagine what my life would be like without music.

I said I'd get it.

I got into that state of mind when a man listens and listens and begins to long for the sight of a policeman.

What he said is of no importance.

I need to buy new spectacle frames.


Nowadays, wisdom no longer appears to be an admirable virtue.

He tried to help.

Let's not talk to Alastair.

The police don't have a suspect.

There are no comments up to now.

You should stick those pictures in your album.

We are searching for a place to stay.

Did you tell Pamela that he shouldn't be doing that?

Manavendra tried solving the problem.

Read it again and again.

Don't blame it on her.

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They cleaned the house.

Nate might be able to loan us the money we need.

Dan claimed that it was an accident.

There's a swimming pool not too far from where I live.

I am guided

It seems a bit unfair.

Julius has only been there three days.


We have to make savings.

Francis appreciated Sherman's support.

We got in after a long wait.

I'm beginning to think you don't like me as much as you used to.

Rajesh and Lanny were at home together.

Please give me a cup of tea.

I also enjoy writing a lot.

The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures.

In the sunlight my head started to spin, and I lay down to have a rest on the grass.

I made you a sandwich.

She confessed her love to him.

Per's a heavy sleeper and didn't hear the intruder smash the lounge room window.

Manny wants to be a unicorn so girls will ride him.

You're forever making mistakes.

Cole still isn't happy.


Whose is this textbook?


He is her best friend.

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That sandwich really does smell good.

He said his wife in unconscious.

The man gave a big cry.

My son is subject to ill health.

Since all tasks are completed without delay, we are ready to start next phase of development.


I can only recommend that everyone give themselves three days to learn Toki Pona.


Nobody knows the future.


Evening was drawing near.


Have they told you anything yet?

I think Malloy thinks I'm lying to him.

I asked Cathryn why he was sad.

I really haven't thought that far ahead.

This year is two thousand eleven.

School begins at nine and is over at six.

Don't write anything about this to anyone.

I have one too.

Thierry and Thomas both agree.

This should be good!

Diligence may compensate for lack of experience.

My friend is eating fish.

May I introduce you to my wife?

Unfortunately, I can't seem to put my hands on your document at the moment.

I'm going to attend to the customer.

It has been twenty years since I saw you last.

Julie and Steven met at the seaside last year and fell in love.

Rudy was late coming home.

I don't care what you say, I hate you!

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Tait didn't think of that.

He drinks far too much beer.

You're not responsible for Herbert anymore.